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Current Events

  • Spaceflight: EPOXI flyby of comet Hartley 2 in our realtime simulation. Closest approach Nov 04.
  • Sports: Soccer Euro 2012 qualifiers
  • Elections: Australian Federal Elections 21 Aug 2010: polls and betting odds
  • Spaceflight: realtime simulations for Voyager 1 or Voyager 2.
  • Interplanetary Space Missions: Realtime Simulations, Full Timelines and Maps

    Go directly to Voyager 1 or Voyager 2.
    Realtime information on the position and progress of most current interplanetary space missions, updated every second, using data directly from NASA. Some historic space events are also recreated on this site. Also includes current Solar System maps as well as full timelines of current and (selected ... working on that) past missions. [more]

    Cosmology: Realtime Simulations and Simulations

    This section, which is being developed at the moment, features (realtime) simulations of cosmological events. View the Earth as seen from the Sun, particularly useful for the eclipse on 22 July 2009. We also have a realtime simulation as the Andromeda Galaxy moves towards our Milky Way at 300 km/sec! [more]

    Aviation: Realtime Simulations and Simulations

    Realtime simulation and data display about global aviation. First up ... rotation chart showing where Singapore Airlines' A380 fleet is right now. Enjoy! [more]


    Selected coverage of selected sports events ... currently monitoring:
    Soccer Euro 2012 qualifiers.
    Generally monitoring international soccer and the Tour de France.

    Tsunami, Elections and Other Miscellaneous Items

    This section contains loose items which may - one day - become full sections of this website. For the moment, please enjoy:
  • Tsunami Statistics
  • CURRENT! Australian Federal Elections 21 Aug 2010: polls and betting odds
  • 2008 US Presidential Elections polls and results Scoreboard
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