Pioneer 11 Mission Timeline

Timeline of the Pioneer 11 mission

Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
1973-04-06  02:11:00Launch
1974-12-03  08:21Callisto flyby (786,500km)
1974-12-03  22:09Ganymede flyby (692,300km)
1974-12-04  03:11Io flyby (314,000km)
1974-12-04  04:15Europa flyby (586,700km)
1974-12-04  05:00:21Jupiter shadow entry
1974-12-04  05:01:01Jupiter occultation entry
1974-12-04  05:21:19Jupiter Flyby (altitude 42,828km)
1974-12-04  05:33:52Jupiter shadow exit
1974-12-04  05:43:03Jupiter occultation exit
1974-12-04  22:29Amalthea flyby (127,500km)
1977-11-01Saturn flyby strategy defined
1978-07-13Trim maneuvre to set up Saturn flyby
1979-08-28  13:26:19Precession adjustment maneuvre
1979-08-28  17:46:32Precession adjustment maneuvre
1979-08-29  06:06:10Iapetus closest approach (1,032,535km)
1979-08-29  11:53:33Phoebe closest approach (13,713,574km)
1979-08-31  12:32:33Hyperion closest approach (666,153km)
1979-09-01  14:26:56Descending ring plane crossing
1979-09-01  14:50:51Radiation instruments readings plunge to nearly zero
1979-09-01  14:50:55Epimetheus closest approach (6,676km)
1979-09-01  14:50:59Radiation instruments back to previous levels. Exit wake of as then undiscovered moon.
1979-09-01  15:06:32Atlas closest approach (45,960km)
1979-09-01  15:59:30Dione closest approach (291,556km)
1979-09-01  16:26:28Mimas closest approach (104,263km)
1979-09-01  16:29:34Saturn Flyby (altitude: 20,591km)
1979-09-01  16:35Saturn occultation entry
1979-09-01  16:35:57Saturn shadow entry
1979-09-01  16:51:11Janus closest approach (228,988km)
1979-09-01  17:53:32Saturn occultation exit
1979-09-01  17:54:47Saturn shadow exit
1979-09-01  18:21:59Ascending ring plane crossing
1979-09-01  18:25:34Tethys closest approach (329,197km)
1979-09-01  18:30:14Enceladus closest approach (222,027km)
1979-09-01  20:04:13Calypso closest approach (109,916km)
1979-09-01  22:15:27Rhea closest approach (345,303km)
1979-09-02  18:00:33Titan closest approach (362,962km)
1995-09-30End of science mission
1995-11-30Last signal received
2009-09-01  16:3430th anniversary of Saturn flyby
2013-04-06  02:11:0040 years of flight
tbdin 4 million years: Lambda Aquilla flyby