Interplanetary Space Missions

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Launch Name Mission Coverage
1997-08-25ACESpace weather observatory at L1
2018-10-20Bepi-ColomboMercury orbitersRealtime
1997-10-15CassiniSaturn orbiter, Titan landerRealtime | Timeline
1994-01-25ClementineMoon orbiter. Failed Asteroid Geographos flyby
2002-07-03ContourAttempted comet flybysTimeline
1967-06-17Cosmos 167Planned entry into Venus athmosphere. Failed to leaver Earth orbit.
1963-11-11Cosmos 21Planned Venus flyby. Failed to leave Earth orbit.
1964-03-27Cosmos 27Planned Venus flyby. Failed to leave Earth orbit.
1970-08-22Cosmos 359Failed Venus probe.
1971-05-10Cosmos 419Failed Mars Orbiter/Lander.
1972-03-31Cosmos 482Venus Probe.
1965-11-23Cosmos 96Planned Venus lander. Exploded in Earth orbit.
2011Curiosity (Mars Science Laboratory)Next-generation Mars RoverRealtime | Timeline
2007-09-27DawnVesta and Ceres orbiterRealtime | Timeline | Info
1998-10-24Deep Space 1Comet Borrelly flyby
2005-01-12Epoxi (Deep Impact)Comet Tempel 1 impact, Comet Hartley 2 flybyRealtime | Timeline
1989-10-18GalileoJupiter orbiter and atmospheric probeTimeline
2001-08-08GenesisSolar wind sample collector and returnTimeline
1985-07-02GiottoClose Halley flybyTimeline
2011-09-11GRAIL ATwin lunar gravity observersRealtime | Timeline
2011-09-11GRAIL BTwin lunar gravity observersRealtime | Timeline
2003-05-09HayabusaItokawa orbiter, lander and sample returnTimeline
1974-12-10Helios 1Solar probe (to 47 million km from Sun)
1976-01-16Helios 2Solar probe (to 43 million km from Sun)
2009-05-14Herschel Space ObservatorySpace observatory at L2Realtime | Timeline
1978-08-12ISEE-3/ICEComet encounter
2011JunoJupiter orbiterRealtime | Timeline
2009-03-07KeplerSearch for ExoplanetsRealtime | Timeline
2009-06-18LCROSSLunar impactTimeline
1959-01-02Luna 1Missed Moon, accidentially becoming the first interplanetary spacecraft.
1989-05-04MagellanVenus orbiterwikipedia
1961-07-22Mariner 1Planned Venus flyby. Launch failure.
1973-11-04Mariner 10Venus and 3 Mercury flybysTimeline
1962-08-27Mariner 2Venus flyby at 34,773km.
1964-11-05Mariner 3Planned Mars flyby. Launch error caused spacecraft to miss Mars.
1964-11-28Mariner 4Mars flyby
1967-06-14Mariner 5Venus flyby
1969-02-25Mariner 6Mars flyby
1969-03-25Mariner 7Mars flyby
1971-05-30Mariner 9Mars orbiter
1962-11-01Mars 1Contact lost prior to planned Mars flyby at 193,000km.
1969-03-27Mars 1969APlanned Mars orbiter. Launch failure.
1969-04-02Mars 1969BPlanned Mars orbiter. Launch failure.
1971-05-19Mars 2Mars orbit. Landing failed
1971-05-28Mars 3Mars orbiter. Landing failed
1973-07-21Mars 4Mars flyby. Orbit insertion failed
1973-07-25Mars 5Mars orbiter
1973-08-05Mars 6Attempted Mars lander. Contact lost before touchdown
1973-08-09Mars 7Attempted Mars lander. Missed Mars
1996-11-16Mars 96Failed to leave Earth for planned Mars orbit
1998-12-11Mars Climate OrbiterFailed Mars orbiterwikipedia
2003-07-23Mars ExpressMars orbiterRealtime | Timeline
1996-11-07Mars Global SurveyorMars orbiterTimeline
1992-09-25Mars ObserverFailed Mars orbiterwikipedia
2001-04-07Mars OdysseyMars orbiterRealtime | Timeline
1996-12-04Mars PathfinderMars roverwikipedia
1999-01-03Mars Polar LanderFailed Mars landerwikipedia
2005-08-12Mars Reconnaissance OrbiterMars orbiterRealtime | Timeline
1960-10-10Marsnik 1Planned Mars flyby. Launch failure.
2004-08-03MESSENGERMercury orbiterRealtime | Timeline
1996-02-17NEAR ShoemakerEros orbiter and lander
2006-01-19New HorizonsPluto and KBO flybyRealtime | Timeline
1998-07-03NozomiMars flyby. Orbit insertion failed
2003-07-07Opportunity Mars Rover (MER-B)Mars roverRealtime | Timeline
1988-07-07Phobos 1Failed Phobos lander
1988-07-12Phobos 2Failed Phobos lander
2007-08-04PhoenixMars landerTimeline | wikipedia
1972-03-02Pioneer 10Jupiter flybyRealtime | Timeline
1973-04-05Pioneer 11Jupiter and Saturn flybysRealtime | Timeline
1959-03-03Pioneer 4Missed Moon, entered heliocentric orbit.
1960-03-11Pioneer 5Solar orbiter (0.81x0.99AU orbit)
1965-12-16Pioneer 6Solar orbiter (0.81x0.985AU orbit)
1966-08-17Pioneer 7Solar orbiter (1.012x1.125AU orbit)
1967-12-13Pioneer 8Solar orbiter (0.99x1.087AU orbit)
1968-11-08Pioneer 9Solar orbiter (0.756x0.99AU orbit)
1978-05-20Pioneer Venus 1Venus orbiterTimeline
1978-08-08Pioneer Venus 2Venus capsules
2009-05-14Planck Space ObservatorySpace observatory at L2Realtime | Timeline
1962-01-26Ranger 3Missed Moon, entered heliocentric orbit.
1962-10-18Ranger 5Missed Moon, entered heliocentric orbit.
2004-03-02RosettaChuryumov-Gerasimenko orbiter and landerRealtime | Timeline
1985-01-07SakigakeHalley flybyTimeline
1995-12-02SOHOSolar observatoryTimeline
2003-06-10Spirit Mars Rover (MER-A)Mars roverRealtime | Timeline
2003-08-25Spitzer Space TelescopeEarth trailing space telescopeRealtime | Timeline | wikipedia
1962-08-25Sputnik 19Planned Venus flyby. Failed to leave Earth orbit.
1962-09-01Sputnik 20Planned Venus lander. Failed to leave Earth orbit.
1962-09-12Sputnik 21Planned Venus flyby. Exploded in Earth orbit.
1962-10-24Sputnik 22Planned Mars flyby. Exploded in Earth orbit.
1962-11-04Sputnik 24Planned Mars lander. Broke up on leaving Earth orbit.
1999-02-07Stardust NExTComet flybys and sample returnRealtime | Timeline
2006-10-26Stereo AheadTwin sun observatoriesRealtime | Timeline
2006-10-26Stereo BehindTwin sun observatoriesRealtime | Timeline
1985-08-18Suisei (Planet-A)Halley flybyTimeline
1990-10-06UlyssesPolar orbit around SunTimeline
1984-12-15Vega 1Venus lander and balloon. Halley flybyTimeline
1984-12-21Vega 2Venus lander and balloon. Halley flybyTimeline
1961-02-12Venera 1Contact lost 3 month before planned Venus fluby at 100,000km.
1975-06-14Venera 10Venus orbiter and lander
1978-09-09Venera 11Venus lander
1978-09-14Venera 12Venus lander
1981-10-30Venera 13Venus lander
1981-11-04Venera 14Venus lander
1983-06-02Venera 15Venus orbiter
1983-06-07Venera 16Venus orbiter
1964-02-19Venera 1964APlanned Venus flyby. Launch failure.
1964-03-01Venera 1964BPlanned Venus flyby. Launch failure.
1965-11-23Venera 1965APlanned Venus flyby. Launch failure.
1965-11-12Venera 2Attempted Venus capsule. Contact lost enroute
1965-11-16Venera 3Attempted Venus landing. Contact lost enroute
1967-06-12Venera 4Venus capsule
1969-01-05Venera 5Venus capsule
1969-01-10Venera 6Venus capsule
1970-08-17Venera 7Venus capsule/surface impact
1972-03-27Venera 8Venus capsule
1975-06-08Venera 9Venus orbiter and lander
2005-11-09Venus ExpressVenus orbiterRealtime | Timeline
1975-08-20Viking 1Mars orbiter and landerTimeline
1975-09-09Viking 2Mars orbiter and landerTimeline
1977-09-05Voyager 1Jupiter and Saturn flybysRealtime | Timeline
1977-08-20Voyager 2Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune flybysRealtime | Timeline
1964-04-02Zond 1Attempted Venus flyby. Contact lost enroute
1964-11-30Zond 2Contact lost 3 month before planner Mars flyby at 1,500km.
1965-07-18Zond 3Missed moon by 9,200km, entered heliocentric orbit.