Viking 1 Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
1975-08-20  21:22:00Launch on a Titan/Centaur rocket
1976-06-19Mars orbit insertion
1976-06-21New 1,513 x 33,000 km orbit for landing site certification
1976-07-20  08:51Lander separation from orbiter
1976-07-20  11:53:06Lander touchdown on Mars
1977-02Close approaches to Phobos
1977-03-11New 300 x 33,000 km orbit
1979-07-20New 357 x 33,000 km orbit
1980-08-07Orbiter attitude gas running low. New 320 x 56,000 km parking orbit to avoid collision with Mars before 2019
1980-08-17Orbiter operations terminated after 1,485 orbits
1982-11-13Contact to lander lost. End of mission