Vega 2 Full Mission Timeline

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Vega 2: Preliminary Timeline

Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
1984-12-21  09:14Launch
1985-06-15Landing on Venus. 1500km SE of Vega 1 landing spot
1985-06-15Bus flyby at Venus (24500km) enroute to Halley
1985-06-15b+20hrs unsettled atmosphere
1985-06-15b+33hrs strong downdrafts for 8 hrs
1985-06-15b+46.5hrs 11100km distance travelled. Battery failed
1986-02-17Trajectory correction maneuver not required
1986-03-07First images from 14 million km
1986-03-09  07:20Halley closest approach (8030km. 76.8km/sec)
1986-03-10Image sequence from 7 million km away
1986-03-11Image sequence from 14 million km away