Vega 1 Full Mission Timeline

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Vega 1: Preliminary Timeline

Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
1984-12-15  09:16Launch
1984-12-15  10:26Injection into heliocentric orbit
1985-06-09Descent module separation
1985-06-11  01:59:49Descent module and ballon capsule atmospheric entry (125km altitude. 10.75km/sec)
1985-06-11  02:00:27Pilot chute deployment (Altitude: 65km)
1985-06-11  02:00:38Breaking parachute deployment. Upper heat protection hemisphere release. (Altitude: 64.5km)
1985-06-11  02:00:42Lower heat protection hemisphere release. (Altitude: 64.2km)
1985-06-11  02:00:57Cap and parachute release (63km)
1985-06-11  02:01:37Balloon atmospheric release. Pulled out of storage compartment (61km altitude. 8N 177E)
1985-06-11  02:03:47Second balloon parachute opened (Altitude 55km)
1985-06-11  02:05:27Balloon inflated. Followed by parachute and inflation system separation (Altitude 54km)
1985-06-11  02:09:37Lander parachute release. (Altitude: 47km)
1985-06-11  02:10Balloon balast jettison at altitude of 50km
1985-06-11  02:21Balloon reaches stable altitude at around 53.6km (+/- 500m)
1985-06-11  03:02:54Lander touchdown at 7.5N 177.7E
1985-06-11Bus flyby at Venus (39,000km) enroute to Halley
1985-06-12  12:15Balloon crosses night/day terminator. Distance floated: 8,500km b+37hr Crosses
1985-06-13  00:33Last signal sent from ballon. Battery failure. Distance travelled: 11,600km in 46.5 hours
1986-02-10Trajectory correction maneuvre
1986-02-12Instruments unlocked. 150 million km from Halley
1986-02-14Images of Jupiter (807 million km away) for callibration purposes
1986-03-04  06:10Image sequence of Halley. 14 million km away.
1986-03-05Image sequence of Halley. 7 million km away.
1986-03-06  05:20Switch to high-rate telemetry
1986-03-06  06:13First dust detector readings at 320000km
1986-03-06  07:20:06Closest approach to Halley (8,890km at 79.2km/sec)