Stereo Ahead Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2006-10-26  01:53:00Launch
2010-01-06HGA calibration
2010-04-19Begin 7 hour daily DSN tracks
2010-04-26Switch downlink rate to 240 kbps
2010-07-14HGA calibration
2010-09-07Begin 8 hour daily DSN tracks
2010-09-13Switch downlink rate to 160 kbps
2011-01-12HGA calibration
2011-02-06Stereo spacecrafts at 180 degree separation
2011-04-11Switch downlink rate to 120 kbps
2011-07-13HGA calibration
2011-09-26Switch downlink rate to 96 kbps
2012-01-11HGA calibration
2012-07-11HGA calibration
2012-08-15Stereo spacecrafts at 180 degree separation
2012-08-15Switch downlink rate to 30 kbps
2013-12-12Possible Mercury transit (TBC)
2015-02-17Start Sun occultation
2015-08-02End Sun occultation