Rosetta Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2004-02-16Rosetta stacked on top of Ariane 5 rocket
2004-02-26Launch abort due to weather constraints
2004-02-27Launch delayed due to damage to rocket
2004-03-02  07:17:00Launch
2004-03-02  09:14Start interplanetary injection burn
2004-03-02  09:32Spacecraft separation
2004-03-11Launch accuracy allows for flybys at Sterns and Lutetia
2004-04-03Scan of Venus for instrument testing
2004-05-10Deep space maneuver. 3.5 hour firing of 4 thrusters achieves a delta-v of 152.8 m/s
2004-05-10Deep space trajectory adjustment maneuver (17 minutes)
2004-06-07Switch to cruise mode
2005-03-04Earth Flyby 1
2005-03-24Switch to cruise mode
2005-07-18Observation of Deep Impact encounter with comet Tempel 1
2005-09-08Spacecraft hit by solar flare
2006-07-06Approaches to 0.06AU of ion trail of comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
2006-12-03Image: Mars with Milky Way in background (80,000,000 km) [Link]
2007-02-24  18:00Observation of Phobos through Martian athmosphere
2007-02-25  00:58Scientifc instruments switched off
2007-02-25  01:54Image of Mars taken from Philiae [Link]
2007-02-25  01:56Spacecraft behind Mars, no contact
2007-02-25  01:57:59Mars Flyby 250 km above surface
2007-02-25  02:11Spacecraft emerges from occultation
2007-02-25  02:23Sunrise above Mars
2007-02-25  02:28Carrier signal should be detected on Earth
2007-02-25  02:33Start of Phobos and Mars observations
2007-02-25  02:52Telemetry data expected on Earth to confirm successful flyby
2007-11-13Earth Flyby 2 - 5,295km above surface
2008-08-03  14:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #1 [18hrs 0min]
2008-08-07  02:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #2 [5hrs 0min]
2008-08-11  04:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #3 [4hrs 0min]
2008-08-14  04:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #4 [4hrs 0min]
2008-08-18  02:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #5 [6hrs 0min]
2008-08-20  17:00:00Steins light curve [9hrs 0min]
2008-08-21  02:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #6 [6hrs 0min]
2008-08-25  00:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #7 [6hrs 0min]
2008-08-26  00:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #8 [6hrs 0min]
2008-08-27  00:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #9 [6hrs 0min]
2008-08-28  00:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #10 [6hrs 0min]
2008-08-29  00:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #11 [6hrs 0min]
2008-08-30  00:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #12 [6hrs 0min]
2008-08-31  00:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #13 [6hrs 0min]
2008-09-01  00:00:00RP on
2008-09-01  00:10:00LAP. MIP & MAG on at this point
2008-09-01  02:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #14 [6hrs 0min]
2008-09-01  09:00:00ALICE decontamination [1hrs 0min]
2008-09-02  02:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #15 [6hrs 0min]
2008-09-02  06:00:00RN on. DFMS outgassing and COPS pressure measurement [8hrs 30min]
2008-09-02  11:00:00ALICE darks [3hrs 0min]
2008-09-02  14:30:00Trajectory Correction Maneuver [3hrs 0min]
2008-09-02  17:40:00DFMS outgassing and COPS pressure measurement [11hrs 20min]
2008-09-02  18:00:00Slew to y Gru [1hrs 45min]
2008-09-02  19:45:00AL on [5min]
2008-09-02  19:50:00ALICE HV switch-on [10min]
2008-09-02  20:00:00ALICE 3-point raster of y Gru [1hrs 0min]
2008-09-02  21:00:00Slew ? Gru from AL -X wide top slit to AL narrow slit centre [15min]
2008-09-02  22:15:00Slew ? Gru from AL narrow slit centre to AL +X wide bottom slit [15min]
2008-09-02  23:30:00Slew to Steins [1hrs 45min]
2008-09-02  23:35:00AL off
2008-09-03  02:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #16 [6hrs 0min]
2008-09-03  14:30:00Slew to Vega [1hrs 30min]
2008-09-03  16:15:00ALICE 3-point raster of Vega [4hrs 30min]
2008-09-03  17:15:00Slew Vega from AL -X wide top slit to AL narrow slit centre [15min]
2008-09-03  19:30:00Slew Vega from AL narrow slit centre to AL +X wide bottom slit [15min]
2008-09-03  20:45:00Slew to 16 Cyg [1hrs 0min]
2008-09-04  00:00:00Slew to Steins [1hrs 30min]
2008-09-04  05:00:00TCM and WOL [4hrs 0min]
2008-09-04  09:45:00ALICE exosphere search [19hrs 10min]
2008-09-04  15:00:00SR-NAVCAM navigation slot #17 [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-04  17:30:00SR light curve [9hrs 0min]
2008-09-04  18:00:00DFMS spectra and COPS pressure measurement [12hrs 0min]
2008-09-04  18:37:48ROMAP [10hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  04:37:48RPC LAP. MIP. MAG into burst mode. [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  05:00:00TCM [3hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  06:00:00Thruster firing / end [1hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  08:00:00RS On [21hrs 30min]
2008-09-05  08:17:48VR On. Duration 3h 10 min (incl. cooling and 40min margin) [3hrs 10min]
2008-09-05  08:30:00RPC ICA On [13hrs 15min]
2008-09-05  08:30:00RPC IES On [21hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  08:30:00AL on [5min]
2008-09-05  08:35:21SR obs. around closest approach [10hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  08:45:00ALICE exosphere search [23hrs 10min]
2008-09-05  11:27:48VR light curve (VIRTIS M) [6hrs 30min]
2008-09-05  11:37:48MUPUS [17hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  12:45:00Boresight for SR05a changes from AL narrow slit to MIRO smm [5min]
2008-09-05  12:45:00Boresight for VR01 changes from AL narrow slit to MIRO smm [5min]
2008-09-05  12:45:00Slew to Steins in MIRO smm boresight [5min]
2008-09-05  13:07:48MR On-MR approach observations [5hrs 8min]
2008-09-05  14:00:00GD On [3hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  16:47:48DFMS spectra and COPS pressure measurement [12hrs 42min]
2008-09-05  17:37:48SESAME [1hrs 18min]
2008-09-05  17:57:48Spacecraft attitude flip [20min]
2008-09-05  18:17:48Slew to Steins in Closest Approach Co-operation boresight [1min]
2008-09-05  18:18:48Asteroid flyby mode [1hrs 19min]
2008-09-05  18:26:48MR03 Asteroid flyby mode observations [22min]
2008-09-05  18:27:48AL09 Asteroid UV surface spectrum [5hrs 10min]
2008-09-05  18:35:21SR06 Observations at phase angle 0 [1min]
2008-09-05  18:35:51Passage through zero phase angle
2008-09-05  18:37:48Steins Closest Approach
2008-09-05  18:48:48MR04 [5hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  18:56:23SESAME [41min]
2008-09-05  19:03:48VR03 Thermal background evolution [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-05  19:37:48HGA points to Earth again. HGA motion. HGA motion may result in degraded tracking accuracy of S/C z-axis. [27min]
2008-09-06  00:30:00Slew to SR sky background position [1hrs 0min]
2008-09-06  01:30:00SR07 Sky background for SR post-CA observations [10min]
2008-09-06  05:30:00Wheel OffLoading [1hrs 15min]
2008-09-06  05:30:00SESAME Requires wheel off-loading [34min]
2008-09-06  06:55:00DFMS mass spectrum [11hrs 5min]
2008-09-06  14:30:00Slew to sky background position of AL closest approach operations [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-06  16:45:00AL10 Sky background for AL Closest Approach observations [6hrs 0min]
2008-09-06  22:45:00Slew to sky background position of AL exosphere search [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-07  00:45:00AL11 Sky background for SA exosphere search [6hrs 0min]
2008-09-07  06:45:00AL02 ALICE decontamination [1hrs 0min]
2008-09-07  14:00:00Slew back to GSEP [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-07  18:00:00Slew to Galactic bulge [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-07  20:00:00SRGrav. SR Gravitational lensing observations [4hrs 0min]
2008-09-08  00:00:00Slew back to GSEP [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-08  10:00:00CS collect and image target [3hrs 20min]
2008-09-12  14:00:00Slew to Galactic bulge [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-12  16:00:00SR Gravitational lensing observations [4hrs 0min]
2008-09-12  20:00:00Slew back to GSEP [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-16  14:00:00Slew to Galactic bulge [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-16  16:00:00SR Gravitational lensing observations [4hrs 0min]
2008-09-16  20:00:00Slew back to GSEP [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-21  14:00:00Slew to Galactic bulge [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-21  16:00:00SR Gravitational lensing observations [4hrs 0min]
2008-09-21  20:00:00Slew back to GSEP [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-25  14:00:00Slew to Galactic bulge [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-25  16:00:00SR Gravitational lensing observations [4hrs 0min]
2008-09-26  20:00:00Slew back to GSEP [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-30  14:00:00Slew to Galactic bulge [2hrs 0min]
2008-09-30  16:00:00SR Gravitational lensing observations [4hrs 0min]
2008-09-30  20:00:00Slew back to GSEP [2hrs 0min]
2008-10-04  14:00:00Slew to Galactic bulge [2hrs 0min]
2008-10-04  16:00:00SR Gravitational lensing observations [4hrs 0min]
2008-10-04  20:00:00Slew back to GSEP [2hrs 0min]
2009-11-13  07:45:40Earth Flyby 3 (2,481km above Java. 48,018km/h.)
2009-11-22  09:27:55Perihelion (0.981AU. Speed 140,286km/h)
2010-07-09  00:00:00Start TCM slot
2010-07-09  02:59:59End TCM slot
2010-07-09  03:00:00Start last image acquisition for navigation planning
2010-07-09  08:00:00End last image acquisition for navigation planning
2010-07-09  22:00:00Start - Rosetta NAVCAM asteroid tracking
2010-07-10  03:00:00Start - TCM slot (AFB - 12h) - Loss of TM signal from Rosetta
2010-07-10  05:59:59End - TCM slot (AFB - 12h) - Acquisition of TM signal
2010-07-10  06:00:00Final NAVCAM asteroid tracking check
2010-07-10  11:24:53Start Rosetta flip manoeuvre
2010-07-10  12:04:53End Rosetta flip manoeuvre
2010-07-10  12:44:53Start asteroid closed-loop tracking - Rosetta on self-navigation
2010-07-10  15:39:53Stop - radio communications via high-gain antenna - Loss of TM signal (earliest)
2010-07-10  15:44:56Closest approach to Lutetia
2010-07-10  15:54:53End asteroid closed-loop tracking
2010-07-10  16:00:00Start webcast - Media event live from ESA/ESOC
2010-07-10  16:19:53Resume radio communications via high-gain antenna - Acquisition of TM signal (latest)
2010-07-10  16:47:00Webcast pause
2010-07-10  17:40:21Start science data downlink
2010-07-10  21:00:00Resume webcast - media event live from ESA/ESOC - Science team present images
2010-07-10  21:45:00End webcast
2011-05-01Enter hibernation
2014-01-01Exit hibernation
2014-05-01Comet arrival
2014-08-01Comet mapping
2014-11-01Comet landing
2015-08-01Perihelion passage
2015-12-31End primary mission