Pioneer 10 Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
1972-03-03  01:49:00Launch
1972-07-15Enters Asteroid belt
1973-12-03  12:26Callisto flyby (1,392,300km)
1973-12-03  13:56Ganymede (446,250km)
1973-12-03  19:26Europa flyby (321,000km)
1973-12-03  22:56Io flyby (357,000km)
1973-12-04  02:26:00Jupiter Flyby (altitude 130,000km)
1973-12-04  02:36Equator plane crossing
1973-12-04  02:41:45Io occultation entry
1973-12-04  02:43:16Io occultation exit
1973-12-04  03:42:25Jupiter occultation entry
1973-12-04  04:15:35Jupiter shadow entry
1973-12-04  04:47:21Jupiter occultation exit
1973-12-04  05:07Jupiter shadow exit
1997-03-31End of science mission
2002-03-03  01:49:0030 years of flight
2002-04-27Last telemetry data received
2006-03-04Last attempt to acquire signal fails
2012-03-03  01:49:0040 years of flight
2019-08-20  18:10:37= = = Current Time = = =
tbdin 126,000 years: no longer dominated by gravity of the Sun
tbdin 2 million years: Aldebean flyby