Phoenix Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2007-08-04  09:26:34Launch from Cape Canaveral on a Delta 2
2007-08-10Trajectory correction maneuver 1
2007-10-03Trajectory correction maneuver 2
2008-04-10Trajectory correction maneuver 3
2008-05-10Trajectory correction maneuver 4
2008-05-17Trajectory correction maneuver 5. Not required
2008-05-24Trajectory correction maneuver 6, 22 hours prior to landing on Mars. Not required
2008-05-25  23:31:12Entry interface. First contact with Martian atmosphere (125 km)
2008-05-25  23:34:46Parachute deployed
2008-05-25  23:35:07Parachute fully open
2008-05-25  23:35:11Lander legs deployed
2008-05-25  23:36MRO snaps image of Phoenix on its parachute: view image
2008-05-25  23:37:43Lander separation
2008-05-25  23:37:44Retro-rockets ignition
2008-05-25  23:38:24Touchdown on Mars (0 km)
2008-06-19Phoenix likely observers water ice sublimating
2008-07-31NASA announced that Phoenix has confirmed the presence of water-ice on Mars
2008-11-02Last signal received. End of mission
2010-01-182 months attempt to reestablish contact (unlikely to succeed)