Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2005-08-12  11:43Launch from Cape Canaveral on an Atlas V rocket
2005-08-12  12:41Spacecraft separates from launch rocket
2005-08-27Trajectory Correction Maneuver 1
2005-11-01Trajectory Correction Maneuver 2
2006-01-31Trajectory Correction Maneuver 3
2006-02-28Trajectory Correction Maneuver 4
2006-03-09Trajectory Correction Maneuver 5 was not required
2006-03-10  15:12Final trajectory correction maneuver, if needed
2006-03-10  20:37Fuel tank pressurization
2006-03-10  20:51Switch to low gain antenna
2006-03-10  20:55Spacecraft turns to burn attitude
2006-03-10  21:12Mars orbit insertion burn starts
2006-03-10  21:32Closest approach to Mars (400 km)
2006-03-10  21:34Spacecraft behind Mars, loss of signal
2006-03-10  21:39Mars orbit insertion burn ends
2006-03-10  22:04Reacquisition of signal
2006-03-10  22:10Begin of post-insertion phase. 35hr orbit 426km x 43,000km
2006-03-30  14:46Begin Aerobraking phase. First maneuvre to reducde periapsis initiates a five week walk-in period
2006-04-14Begin of main aerobreaking phase begings
2006-09-26Begin of aerobreaking walk-out phase
2006-10-01End of aerobraking. 3 orbital trim maneuvres and testing of instruments until Mars clears solar conjunction
2006-11-01Begin Science Operations
2008-10-01Begin Communications Relay Phase
2010-12-31End of primary mission