Mars Express Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2003-07-23  17:45Launch
2003-12-20Beagle-2 separates from Mars Express
2003-12-25  02:54Beagle-2 lost whilst attempting to land on Mars
2003-12-25  03:47Mars orbit insertion
2005-11-30End of nominal mission
2010-02-25  11:51:26Close Phobos flyby at 399km
2010-02-28  16:23:26Close Phobos flyby at 227km
2010-03-03  20:55:26Close Phobos flyby at 50km
2010-03-07  01:27:37Close Phobos flyby at 122km. Relative speed 10,488km/h
2010-03-10  05:59:37Close Phobos flyby at 288km. Relative speed 10,406km/h
2010-03-13  10:31:41Close Phobos flyby at 477km. Relative speed 10,330km/h
2010-03-16  15:03:48Phobos flyby at 664km. Relative speed 10,262km/h
2010-03-19  19:35:58Phobos flyby at 850km. Relative speed 10,201km/h
2012-01-01Current end of mission