Mariner 10 Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
1973-11-03  05:45:00Launch
1973-11-03  06:23:00Spacecraft separation
1973-11-03  06:27:15Start Sun acquisition
1973-11-03  06:45:00Solar panels, MGA boom, LGA, HGA unlatched
1973-11-03  07:00:00Dish pin enagaged
1973-11-03  07:05:00Boom pin engaged
1973-11-03  07:09:14Sun acquired
1973-11-03  07:24:23HGA dish unlatched
1973-11-03  07:38Scan platform unlatched
1973-11-03  07:45Dish axis slew
1973-11-03  07:51Dish axis slew
1973-11-03  08:57First scan cone position slew
1973-11-03  09:38Canopus tracker switched on
1973-11-03  10:08Expected Vega acquisition time
1973-11-03  16:45Vega acquired
1973-11-03  22:30Start returning pictures of Earth and Moon
1973-11-09Images of Earth (5th) and Moon (6th) for camera calibration
1973-11-13Trajectory correction maneuver 1: 7.77m/sec in 19.9sec burn
1973-12-18First indication that scan platform is sticking
1973-12-25High gain antenna anomaly
1974-01-03High gain antenna healed
1974-01-06High gain antenna failure
1974-01-08Power irreversibly switched to backup system for unknown reasons
1974-01-16UV observations of comet Kohoutek
1974-01-21Trajectory correction maneuver 2: 1.2m/sec in 3.8sec burn
1974-01-28Gyro malfunction causes attitude control system to waste 16% of nitrogen supply
1974-02-05  16:50First Venus images returned
1974-02-05  17:01Venus Fly-by - first gravity assist by a spacecraft to reach another planet (5,768 km)
1974-02-09DSS tape recorder stuck
1974-02-13Last image of Venus
1974-02-14Gyro tests to investigate structural oscillation
1974-02-18Loss of Canopus caused by bright particles
1974-03-04High gain antenna healed
1974-03-09Spacecraft placed in solar sailing mode to conserve attitude control gas
1974-03-11Loss of Canopus caused by bright particles
1974-03-16Trajectory correction maneuvre 3: 18m/sec in 51sec burn
1974-03-16Solar panel (-x) anomaly
1974-03-23First Mercury images from a distance of 5.3 million km
1974-03-29  20:47First Mercury flyby (703 km)
1974-03-30Power anomaly
1974-03-30X-band transmitter anomaly. Transmitter output erratic
1974-04-05Perihelion (closest approach to Sun)
1974-04-08LGA deploy. Configured for extended mission
1974-04-08DSS tape recorder ON/OFF toggle caused by power anomaly on 30Mar1974
1974-04-15End primary mission. Start of extended mission.
1974-05-09Trajectory correction maneuvre 4A: 50m/sec
1974-05-10Trajectory correction maneuvre 4B: 27.7m/sec
1974-05-24Start superior conjunction period
1974-06-06Superior conjunction
1974-07-02Trajectory correction maneuvre 5: 3.35m/sec
1974-07-20End superior conjunction period
1974-08-14DSS tape recorder failure. Stuck past parking window
1974-08-20Attempts to revive DSS tape recorder fail
1974-09-19Takes images of Jupiter for calibration purposes
1974-09-21  20:59Second Mercury flyby (48,069 km)
1974-10-05Loss of Canopus caused by bright particles
1974-10-06Loss of Canopus caused by bright particles. Reacquisition would use up most of remaining attitude control gas. Spacecraft left in roll-drift-mode
1974-10-30Trajectory correction maneuvre 6. Spacecraft back to roll-drift-mode upon completion.
1975-02-12Trajectory correction maneuvre 7 aborted due to uncertainty in identifying Canopus
1975-02-13Trajectory correction maneuvre 7.
1975-03-07Trajectory correction maneuvre 8. Provides assurance of not colliding with Mercury.
1975-03-13Tremedous difficulties in acquiring Canopus until 15Mar1975
1975-03-16  22:39:24Third Mercury flyby (327 km)
1975-03-24  12:21Mission terminated due to depletion of attitude control gas. Radio subsystem turned off.