LCROSS Full Mission Timeline

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LCROSS = Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite.
LCROSS = Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite.

Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2009-06-18  21:32:01Launch
2009-06-18  22:41:40Centaur blow-down 1
2009-06-18  22:45:10Centaur blow-down 2
2009-06-23  10:29:27Moon flyby. Altitude 3,200km.
2009-09-10Final impact site selection
2009-09-12End first orbit around Earth. Start of orbit 2
2009-10-08  20:30Command loads for separation and braking burn
2009-10-09  00:00Slow rotation to separation attitude
2009-10-09  01:40Separation onboard command sequence starts
2009-10-09  01:50Centaur separation
2009-10-09  01:51Flip to point LCROSS instruments at Centaur
2009-10-09  02:01End of centaur observation
2009-10-09  02:30LCROSS braking burn starts. Duration around 4 minutes
2009-10-09  03:00Preliminary impact command load
2009-10-09  04:30Final orbit determination delivery for LCROSS
2009-10-09  06:30Disabling LCROSS fault management
2009-10-09  08:30Impact command approval meeting
2009-10-09  09:00Loading impact command sequence to LCROSS
2009-10-09  10:00Start of impact onboard command sequence
2009-10-09  10:10Switch to -Z MGA
2009-10-09  10:15Transitioning to science comms rate
2009-10-09  10:36Payload powers on
2009-10-09  11:10TLP instrument powers on
2009-10-09  11:30:20Flash mode begins
2009-10-09  11:31:20Centaur Moon impact
2009-10-09  11:31:23Curtain mode begins
2009-10-09  11:34:23Crater mode begins
2009-10-09  11:35:39LCROSS Moon impact
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