Juno Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2011-08-05  16:25:00Launch
2011-08-05  17:18:11Spacecraft separation
2012-08-14  20:50Solar Conjunction
2012-08-30  22:29:00Deep space maneuver (delta-v 344.95m/s)
2012-09-03  22:29:00Deep space maneuver (delta-v 387.77m/s)
2013-10-09  14:01:00Earth flyby (altitude 500km lat -34.372 long -17.146)
2014-08-10Solar Conjunction
2015-09-09Solar Conjunction
2016-07-05  02:29:00Jupiter orbit insertion (delta-v 480m/s)
2016-10-19  18:00Period reduction maneuver (delta-v 592m/s)
2017-10-11  07:34:32Deorbit maneuver (delta-v 75m/s)
2017-10-16  19:33:00Atmospheric impact (Jupiter)