Epoxi (Deep Impact) Full Mission Timeline

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Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2005-01-12  18:47:08Launch
2005-07-04  05:44:00Tempel 1 Encounter
2008-12-30Earth Flyby 2
2009-06-29  07:42:41Distant Earth Flyby 1 (1,336,703km distance)
2009-12-28  10:19:45Distant Earth Flyby 2 (1,323,959km distance)
2010-06-27  22:05:13Earth Flyby 3 (30,496km altitude)
2010-10-27  18:00:00Trajectory correction maneuvre 21
2010-10-28Hartley 2 at perihelion
2010-10-30Go / No-Go decision for trajectory correction maneuvre 22
2010-11-02  22:00:00Trajectory correction maneuvre 22 (if required)
2010-11-03  19:50:00High gain antenna pointed away from Earth. High resolution encounter begins.
2010-11-04  12:50:00Cometary nucleus resolved
2010-11-04  13:00:00AutoNav enabled
2010-11-04  13:50:36Comet Hartley 2 closest approach (699km altitude. 44,350km/h)
2010-11-04  14:20:00High gain antenna pointed to from Earth. First downlink of data.
2010-11-06Downlink of encounter data complete
2010-11-16Start of E+2d to E+12d post-encounter observations
2010-11-30Last EPOXI observations and post-encounter cruise callibration
2011-01-01Extended-extended mission to be defined