Dawn Full Mission Timeline

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Currently in orbit around Vesta
Currently in orbit around Vesta

Spacecraft Event Time. UTC/GMT Times.

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Time (UTC/GMT+0)Event
2007-09-27  11:34:00Launch
2007-09-27  12:41:00Spacecraft separation
2007-12-18  00:08:00Begin of Ion Thrusting
2009-02-13  05:01:13Enters Mars Hillsphere
2009-02-17  13:01:33Gravitational attraction of Mars exceeds that of the Sun
2009-02-17  17:47Visible and infrared mapping spectrometers switched on
2009-02-17  21:21Primary science camera switched on
2009-02-17  21:57Slew to Mars observation attitude. Loss of main antenna signal.
2009-02-17  22:26:58Deimos closest approach (16.031 km)
2009-02-17  23:53:47Phobos closest approach (8.014 km)
2009-02-18  00:27:58Mars Flyby. Altitude 542 km
2009-02-18  11:53:30Gravitational attraction of the Sun exceeds that of Mars
2009-02-19  11:09Slew to point main antenna to Earth
2009-02-20  15:48Slew to Mars observation attitude to practice Vesta arrival.
2009-02-20  19:28Slew to point main antenna to Earth. End of Mars flyby observations.
2009-02-22  23:51:20Exits Mars Hillsphere
2009-06-03Completion of first orbit around Sun
2009-06-08End coasting phase. Resumption of Ion thrusting
2011-07-21  09:29:38Capture in orbit around Vesta (initial plan)
2011-08-04  17:29:53Achieve survey orbit around Vesta (3000km)
2012-07-20Vesta Departure
2015-02-01Ceres Arrival